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Factory Tour


Here's your chance to tour America's only tea factory.  You'll learn all about how tea is made.  We designed our tea production building with a glassed in, air conditioned gallery that runs down virtually the entire length of the facility.  As you walk along the gallery, you will be looking out onto our factory floor at all the equipment it takes to make tea.  Three large TV screens will introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow as well as explain in great detail each and every teamaking process.  there is no charge for the tour.  It's absolutely free.  Please come and enjoy the rare opportunity to learn how tea is made.

The Factory tour begins every 15 minutes on the quarter hour and can be accessed at the top of the stairs in the Gift Shop.

Groups of 9 or more traveling in a van or bus must make reservations! The cost for large groups does differ so please e-mail us at

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